JC Team Capital is a venture capital firm in Canada that invests in seed funding for startups and series funding rounds in Canada and many other countries across the globe. Our domain is seed funding and series funding for startups and fast-growing companies, angel investment, capital investment, and small business funding.



Jani Ventures has positioned itself to invest early in promising technology-driven ventures through strategic capital.

We create long-term partnerships aimed at inclusive growth. Our collaborations follow through from ideation to its progression. As capital partners, we work closely with your business to back you with strategies for accelerated growth and to assist you on your stellar vector.

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With Jani Entertainment we delve in to the domain of pushing the borders of reality and bringing the world a world of entertainment in the form of movies and visual content. Jani Entertainment, is an augmented arm of a trifecta investment group which assists and expedites the facilitation and co-investment in global niche entertainment experiences.

Consistent with JC’s tenets, with our strategic investments and close partnerships, we set the ball rolling for large entertainment experiences, experiential projects and content.

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The venture capital industry in the United States, Canada, and other countries have been a growth engine.

Apr 27 2022

Venture capital (VC) is a type of private equity and a type of financing provided by investors to startups and small enterprises with long-term growth potential.

Apr 27 2022

High-growth tech start-ups are the modern-day business miracle. Unicorns, or private venture-backed enterprises worth $1 billion or more, have altered the fabric of our lives and revolutionised the way we do business.

Apr 13 2022

Investment Glossary

Venture capital firms are the firms that primarily seek to invest in upcoming ideas and start-ups by providing them with financial and industrial resources to build their brand or company further.

Seed funding refers to the initial investment or capital that a startup needs to begin its operations, often at product launch.

As the name suggests, angel investors are industry elites who fund the initial ideas to provide them with the resources and guidance they need to grow exponentially.

While the funding for one's idea can come from a wide range of sources, including family, friends, colleagues, etc., primarily, the people who can invest in a startup and add value to the development include business elites, funding agencies, and venture capitalists.

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While the fundamentals of seed funding in Canada remain the same, the grants range from $50,000 - $100,000. Furthermore, the grants offered by the Canadian govt. It can be up to $70,000.

The valuation of a seed fund results from various aspects that include business revenue, scalability of the idea, and customer retention.

There are various avenues where a startup can get funding, such as government grants, crowdfunding, or venture capitalists. VCs stand as the most common source of funding for new ideas.

Canadian angel investors are the business leaders operating in the Canadian market and are looking for young startups to support.

Networking is the most efficient way to get in touch with angel investors. In addition to this, some VCs can also be reached out to for angel investing.

The critical difference between VCs and angel investors is in the amount of funding they can provide and the level of expertise as well as equity they seek from a startup.

Entities interested and capable of investing in startups can be recognized through extensive networking. Another effective way to find investors is to pitch to various venture capitalists operating in the particular domain where the idea is expected to scale up and grow.

The amount of funding that a startup may receive depends on various factors, such as the idea's scalability, scope in the current market, and prospects. Typically, angel investing in Canada ranges from $50,000 - $100,000.

Even a startup with a good idea can fail due to poor execution. In that case, a startup might use the remaining assets to repay the investors and settle any liabilities that the business may have pending. In some cases, the brand's intellectual property might get reused by the concerned parties for further endeavors.

A venture capitalist firm would typically be a registered business that would have an established point of contact. Networking, industrial connections as well as govt. organizations can also serve as a source of VCs.

The Canadian market is a hotspot for several startups which has led to a surge in the number of VC firms in Canada. Currently, Canada hosts over 200 Venture Capitalist firms that are operating in the market looking for the next big idea.

Although there is no ‘one size fits all’ setup when it comes to Venture Capitalist firms, some firms might be more suitable for a particular start-up for the underlying idea. The better-suited VC firms would comprise business leaders and industry elites from the same sector as that of the idea.

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