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JC Team Capital was established in 2012 by Mr. Parth Jani. The company adopts a novel data-driven methodology assisting in strategic investment decisions. JC Team Capital was founded with a vision to empower early-stage start-ups and entrepreneurs with strategic capital investment and a highly-collaborative engagement model. Its strategies are designed to assist visionary entrepreneurs in building and scaling industry-leading businesses in high-growth international markets.

JC Team Capital has espoused an investment philosophy which is entrenched in the idea of enabling innovative technology-focused businesses who intend to change the industry landscape and add value to lives. It has incorporated a three-fold investment model in the vision and mission. This includes investing in companies advancing availability of information, developing computer and science capabilities, and those led by inspirational, perceptive and visionary leaders.

The primary operations of the JC Team Capital group are, at present, divided between its two subsidiaries – Jani Ventures and Jani Entertainment.

Some of the notable portfolio investments of Jani Ventures include Chingari & Virtuex.. Chingari, a video sharing social-networking platform, was downloaded over a million times within 15 days of its launch. Virtuix OMNI, the Omni enables players to explore endless VR worlds, moving freely and at full speed in 360° without hitting any walls. Movements that would otherwise require unintuitive button presses are now the result of natural motion – simply walk, run, and turn in 360° in virtual reality games and applications!

Jani Entertainment is focussed on facilitating and co-investing in large-scale, cross-border entertainment experiences, experiential projects and content initiatives. Jani Entertainment has built multiple collaborations with celebrated partners to deliver multi- dimensional, interactive and entertainment-oriented compendiums, working especially in the Indo-Canadian corridor.

Genre agnostic with a single minded purpose to provide space for new entrants as well as veterans of the industry Jani Entertainment provides the one single point of access to the entertainment industry.


JC Team Capital’s mission stems from a firm resolve to create a fast-growing start-up ecosystem. The JC team capital firm intends to provide potential investors with access to high-growth businesses. The objective is to create an engaged network to assist investors in accessing companies that possess the potential for sizeable capital appreciation after divesting interest.


The venture capital firm works consistently to build on its founding vision of enabling and empowering promising technology-driven businesses. JC Team Capital is leaned towards innovation and disruptive technologies. Its helps purposeful ideas progress into robust businesses. It seeks to build lasting and meaningful collaborations with companies that are on the pathway to becoming industry-leaders. JC Team Capital aims to invest early and partner closely with entrepreneurs to follow on strategic investment and help them scale profitable, futuristic, and product-oriented businesses.

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