In the first quarter of 2022, signs of a global recession began accumulating. The Federal Reserve had hinted that interest rates would be raised.

March 21 2023

The year 2022 was not as enthusiastic as the previous year due to a contraction in Venture Capital (VC) funding. But, going by trends,

March 15 2023

The industry is buzzing with predictions for what the coming year will bring for venture capital and the startup ecosystem for seed funding.

Feb 28 2023

With the commencement of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, businesses worldwide were forced to use digital technologies and innovative methods of reaching out to and engaging with clients.

Feb 27 2023

The evolution of venture capital (VC) firms traces back to the post-World War II era when a small group of wealthy individuals began investing in young companies with high growth potential.

Feb 16 2023

The most varied seed investment portfolios in India belong to Bollywood stars. They scrutinise numerous little and major economic sectors to pick a company worth investing their hard-earned crores

Feb 12 2023

The Indian Government was expected to come up with promotional policies and reforms to improve the venture capital India ecosystem and scale up Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital investments in India.

Feb 08 2023

The year 2022, notwithstanding the market vitality, witnessed significant deals and seed funding for startups in the United States of America (USA) which dominates the global startup ecosystem with a large number of startups and unicorns.

Jan 23 2023

This is a great time for entrepreneurs to review their relationships with the investors for startups or seed investment for startups as they prepare for the New Year and wind down from a challenging year.

Jan 19 2023

In 2022, seed investment for startups crossed over $1 billion in 14 different industries, with the majority of funds going to the finance and technology sectors.

Jan 18 2023

India's population is among the youngest in the world, and its economy is growing rapidly. India is a desirable location to invest in startups since they will profit from the nation's continuous expansion.

Jan 13 2023

Startups are frequently managed by a small team that collaborates closely. The "startup culture" is essentially a reflection of the founding passions and personalities of the team.

Dec 26 2022

Environmental start-ups are making every effort to repair the damage done till now. The urgent need to protect the planet and practice environmental sensitivity intensifies every second.

Dec 23 2022

A startup that draws the attention of venture capitalists typically creates or owns a unique business model or technology. Identifying the development potential of innovation is one of the most crucial abilities possessed by venture capitalists.

Dec 13 2022

Obtaining the initial funds, better known as seed funding, to launch a firm is one of the significant difficulties that entrepreneurs

Dec 08 2022

In 2022 and beyond, a lot of people hope for normalcy and financial growth. The venture capital sector offers such hope in the form of seed funds to many people.

Nov 23 2022

With the expansion of the startup scenario, aspiring business owners are becoming more aware of terms like acquisition, bootstrapped startups, pitch, burn rate, business valuation, run rate, financial modeling, etc.

Nov 22 2022

The US economy has performed better in recent months than most people anticipated or even understood. Omicron increased infection rates to a record level,

Nov 17 2022

In 2022, startups have realized the value of valuation and are also aware that it is time for founders to value it vigorously. Since March 2022, global fundraising has

Nov 8 2022

No one was surprised when Digital Fitness Company Future raised $75 Million in Funding, and the startup investors included Kate Hudson, J.J. Watt, Rory McIlroy, and Kevin Durant. The startup has one of the largest trainer networks in the United States.

Oct 21 2022

A startup enterprise is a new company that is starting to grow and is often backed by a single person or a small group of people.

Oct 15 2022

Venture capital may be a valuable instrument for clever Silicon Valley investors to commercialize technology advancements, but can it aid in the battle against poverty

Oct 10 2022

Venture Capital (VC) or finance bridges the gap between traditional, lower-cost sources of funding available to ongoing businesses and sources of funds for innovation

Oct 04 2022

Maintaining the status of the fastest growing economy, India has emerged as the 5th largest economy in the world and replaced the United Kingdom. This is a commendable achievement,

Sept 19 2022

Usually, in the startup ecosystem, founders' credentials, team strength, innovative products/services

Sept 14 2022

Venture capital investments in startups engaged in meeting the challenges of climate change are on the rise. These startups are leveraging technologies and

Sept 12 2022

The world economy is under stress due to the current geopolitical situations, such as the Russia-Ukraine wa

Sept 07 2022

The money given by investors to startup companies and small enterprises with the potential for long-term growth is known as venture capital and is often regarded

August 25 2022

It is widely admitted that 2021 was the year of regaining growth in the startup investment ecosystem, and 2022 has been seen as a year of opportunity

August 19 2022

The world economy faces several challenges due to the cascading effects of COVID-19, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and aggravating China-US tension

August 12 2022

Venture capital has been a crucial source of funding for high-growth startups for the past 30 years. The funding and mentoring offered by VCs contribut

August 9 2022

A startup company with a valuation of over $1 billion is referred to as a unicorn. It is frequently employed in the venture capital se

July 28 2022

A startup ecosystem comprises individuals, businesses in various stages, and different organizations collaborating to build

July 26 2022

The firm's fundraising stages, which include pre seed funding, Series A, Series B, and Series C, are crucial to understanding where a startup is in the process.

July 21 2022

Even though Cryptocurrencies are not in the best form recently- globally, sell-off mode is on, and in India, the sentiments are hurt because of the high tax levied.

July 20 2022

Crowdfunding is the technique of gathering money from a large number of individuals to sponsor a project or endeavor, most commonly over the Internet in modern times.

June 28 2022

New businesses or startups need funds to convert their ideas, innovations, and business model into profit-making ventures.

June 23 2022

To run a new business or start-up, founders need funding from various sources. Venture capital (VC) investment is the growth engine for start-ups.

June 17 2022

Incubators and accelerators are the main growth engines for startups. Over the years, several countries have created a new startup ecosystem with support coming from incubators and accelerators.

June 10 2022

Venture Capital (VC) financing has emerged as the most sought-after mode of investment put in a company at the early and growth stages of development.

May 31 2022

Venture Capital (V.C.) is a subcategory of private equity (P.E.), in which venture capitalists invest in new enterprises-startups to help them grow their businesses.

May 27 2022

A venture capitalist (VC) is a class of investor who makes equity investments in startups. New businesses frequently seek money from venture capitalists (VCs) to scale and grow by selling innovative goods and services.

May 21 2022

The venture capital industry in the United States, Canada, and other countries have been a growth engine.

May 07 2022

Venture capital (VC) is a type of private equity and a type of financing provided by investors to startups and small enterprises with long-term growth potential.

Apr 27 2022

High-growth tech start-ups are the modern-day business miracle. Unicorns, or private venture-backed enterprises worth $1 billion or more, have altered the fabric of our lives and revolutionised the way we do business.

Apr 13 2022

The first notion that comes to mind for an entrepreneur is to raise funding for his business. The largest illusion many startup founders believe

Apr 07 2022

Funding is a monetary investment in a business for product creation, manufacturing, expansion, sales & marketing, office space, and inventory.

Mar 21 2022

Seed fund, also known as Seed money or Seed capital, is a type of security an investor offers to a startup company in exchange for an equity stake.

Mar 07, 2022

The startup funding ecosystem in India has been growing exponentially since the last decade.

Mar 07, 2022

Venture capitalists play a vital role in startup funding. But many myths are going around the market about venture capitalist firms that need to be tackled.

Feb 22, 2022

Compared to traditional businesses, a startup grows fast through the help of vast amounts of capital and resources. A hyper-growth mindset is the main driving force. But to increase, they need a considerable amount of funds, thereby making fundraising very dynamic. Startups get funds from external sources.

Feb 21, 2022

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Venture Capital (VC) and Principal Trading (PT) market in the US is thriving and recorded significant growth in 2021. An upward growth trend is expected to continue in 2022 as well.

Feb 18, 2022

Cloud computing , the age we live. We conduct almost all our essential work using the cloud in day-to-day life. As a result, there has been an enormous increase in the popularity of ideas especially SaaS. (Software As A Service).

Jan 28, 2022

The year holds the potential to change the market and revolutionize every point. 2022 will soon change global businesses' technological,

Jan 20, 2022

Globally, 510 new unicorns emerged in the Calendar Year (CY) 2021, which was about 30% more than all five previous years combined. Almost 55%

Jan 12, 2022

The entire world is witnessing a technological revolution, and businesses benefit enormously from disruptions. Trusted and hassle-free

Jan 05, 2022

The quest for funds among founders/CEOs of startups, with their innovative products and services, has been magnified by venture capital (VC) firms’ rising interest higher financial rewards.

Dec 28, 2021

Entrepreneurs can use various methods to raise seed funding. Crowdfunding is one of the methods that can be used.

Dec 18, 2021

The Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) instrument has become a popular tool for seed funding early-stage financings in the United States and Canada. Venture Capital (VC) firms find SAFE more effective than convertible bonds for startup seed funding. Valuation and dilution are the critical elements in SAFE that determine a new financial structure for the startups and provide investors for startups an edge.

Dec 18, 2021

How do I get funding for my start-up in Canada?
How can I get free money for my start-up?
How can start-ups find an investor for their business?

Nov 28, 2021

Mensa Brands, a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) firm, recently raised $135 million in Series B fundraising at a valuation of over a billion dollars, making it one of Asia's quickest unicorns. It achieved unicorn status within six months of its establishment. New approach to ecommerce, robust brand-building capabilities and digital first global brands from India

Nov 16, 2021

Fundraising is a very complex process. Getting investment from Venture Capitalists is even tougher. Venture Capital (VC) is...

Nov 8, 2021

The cascading effects of an unprecedented pandemic-COVID-19 are still affecting human lives and businesses, a sense...

Oct 25, 2021

Starting a business can be a complex scenario as there are many unfamiliar factors to consider as a founder. A business consultant ...

Oct 9, 2021

Every good start-up has a strong and compelling idea as its core that determines the approach, the demographic ...

Sep 30, 2021

question- “Why Canada?” So, here’s what I observed - I found a gap that needed to be filled really fast.In 2020, the year of inception of ...

Sep 23, 2021

The state of start-ups in the Canadian market is looking promising although there have been few key components that are ...

Sep 16, 2021

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