The latent potential of an ‘Innovator’, needs to be nurtured & powered

As a first-generation entrepreneur, I often get asked this question- “Why Canada?” So, here’s what I observed - I found a gap that needed to be filled fast.

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In 2020, the year of inception of Jani Venture Inc., Canada had an estimated population of 37.74 million, nearly 22% of the population is now foreign-born, and about 60% of new immigrants come from Asia, particularly China and India. This essentially means 8.3 million individuals with limited resources and/or understanding of the administrative system and policies which provide a support system for immigrants. Consider the fact that 2019 saw approximately 300,000 new immigrants in Canada. With a limited understanding of the process and policy and at times the bare rudiments of the language these new immigrants and/or the next generation(s) of the immigrants need and deserve a structure that provides direct and non-invasive handheld support for them to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations.


That was my key intent to reach out to these innovators as a mentor. An innovator is not typically a hands-on person with the demanding maze which is the path to market success. This leads to some brilliant ideas and concepts going to naught when an innovator becomes a statistic in the analogy which states 99% of ideas fail. How many of them have the wherewithal to go back to the drawing board rather than provide for a family. And thus Jani Venture Inc. was born.

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Jani Ventures is making a paradigm shift towards being an integral part of an entity’s success story. Essentially, we get into the boat and help our partners grow. We give innovators/entrepreneurs a support eco-system that they might otherwise have to go and acquire.

Moving away from the conventional jargon of incubators and accelerators – which are so much a part of our industry - we have termed this initiative as an entity that provides a non-invasive support structure to a creator/innovator to realize the success they envision for their ideas. We do not intend to be a non-profit organization but, we do intend to create a win-win scenario for our partner, present and future.

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As an entity desirous of supporAs an entity desirous of supporting entrepreneurial aspirations, we have focused on the arena of tech start-up concepts which allow us to scale the proposed business model without geographical restrictions. We have thus far been restricted to the infusion of funds after which it is left up to the innovator to drive the success story. Having seen first hand that there are instances wherein the innovator finds themselves at a loss on how to address a hurdle or an unforeseen resource and/or expense for which they are not prepared either slows the momentum down or in the worst-case scenario forces the innovator to sacrifice innovation to sustain livelihood.

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