What is a Venture Capital firm?

Venture capital (VC) is a type of private equity and a type of financing provided by investors to startups and small enterprises with long-term growth potential. Well-heeled investors, investment banks, and other financial institutions are common sources of venture capital. It does not always have to be in the form of money; it can instead be in the form of technical or management knowledge. Small businesses with extraordinary development potential, as well as organizations that have expanded swiftly and are poised to expand, are often the recipients of venture capital. Venture Capital Firms Canada provide help through funding to start-ups and small businesses that have limited access to other sources of investments. In return, the Venture capitalist gets an ownership share in the company. They raise capital from limited partners (pension, funds, endowments) and invest them in these companies and exit with acquisitions or Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Venture Capital Firms

How do the VC firms function in venture capital firms?

Canadian venture capital firms have started outsourcing many of their requirements and hence, consultants have a great opportunity with them. They hire consultants for-

  • 1. Professional services like evaluating configurations for finding the efficient solution, facilitate business development by analyzing the progress and identifying any service hindrances.
  • 2. Domain experts help with the implementation of managerial solutions in accordance with the stakeholders, engage with clients and report the progress of the venture capital’s growth.
  • 3. Those consultants that offer all the different areas of services like extensive research support, monitoring portfolios, opportunities, etc. are also hired by the seed venture capital Firms for a one-stop solution.

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How much can a consultant earn?

Since their skills provide extensive research for the right decision-making, their hard work is rewarded with $78,000- $148,000

What’s the required qualification?

To enter a Venture Capital firms in canada as a consultant, one needs a bachelor’s degree in fields related to finance, economics or business and gain experience in an investment banking, management consulting or business developing field. After this, an MBA degree improves the chances of entering the industry. Venture Capital Firms that specialize in a specific industry may want a candidate with an education in the relevant industry. The consultants are required to make risky investment decisions and hence need thorough research and analytical skills.

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How to get recruited at Venture Capital firms?

It is always important to have a presentable resume that states your interest in venture capital market size along with some strengths and weaknesses. Further, one should be prepared for marketing and investment-related questions for their analysis of your knowledge and skills. It can also include technical questions of accounting, valuation and Venture Capital specific questions regarding the methods of valuation of a start-up etc. On top of this, add a little bit of confidence in your knowledge and skills. You’re good to go!

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